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Salesforce Development Training Hyderabad

Salesforce Development

Overview And Installation

  • Enable Developing mode
  • Over View about Developer Console
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Overview about Using eclipse and options

OOPS(Object-oriented programming)

  • MVC Architecture
  • Comparision Of MVC to SalesForce APPS
  • OOPS Basics





Data Types

Access Modifiers

IF-else Laders



Comparission between Method/Function and Procedure

  • Classes

Creation of Variables

Getter Methods

Setter Methods

Creation of Methods

With Sharing

With Out Sharing

  • Reference Variables
  • Constructors

Static Keyword

  • Static Variables
  • Static Methods
  • Static Blocks

Final Keyword

  • Final Variables
  • Final Static variables



Wrapper Class


List Class and Methods

Set Class and Methods

Map Class and Methods

List of Wrapper Classes

Scenario 1:Field Dependency

Scenario 2:Multi Select

Real Time Scenario


SalesForce Object Query Language



Date Functions

Parent-Child Soql

Child-Parent Soql


Dynamic SOSL

Working with workbench

DML operations

DML Statements

Database. DML operations

Compression of DML with Database.DML

Database.Save Point Point

database.Rollback operations


Setup Objects

Non-Setup Object

Project Scenario's

Future Methods

Project Scenario's

Test Class

Mixed DML Exception

Queueable Jobs

             Governing Limits

Batch Apex

Custom Iterable Class

Database.Query Locator

Start Method

Execute Method



Implementing Databse.Stateful Interface

calling Future Methods

Creating a future methods in a batch

Invoking callouts from Batch apex

implementing database.AllowCallouts

Calling batch with in a batch

Sending email from finish

Invoking another batch from batch

Serializing Batch apex

Test Classes

Flex Queue

Updates in new Release

Schedule Apex

  • Implementing Schedule Apex
  • Cron Trigger
  • Invoking Batch Apex
  • Invoking Future Methods from Schedule Apex
  • Invoking the Callouts from Schedule Apex
  • Sending Email from Schedule Apex
  • Test Classes
  • Governing Limits.

Email Services

Outbound Email Services

Single Email Message

Sending Pdf attachment

Sending Email Template

Attaching VF Page as an activities

Attaching the Email to activities

Creating a PDF from future methods

Mass Email Service

Governing Limits

Inbound Email Service

Creating Inbound Email handlers

Creating a lead based on inbound email

Invoke a batch apex based on Inbound


Trigger Events

Trigger Context Variables

Insert Triggers

Trigger.New T


Validation rule with Triggers

Assignment Rules with Triggers

Workflows with Triggers

Rollup Summary with Triggers

Criteria based rules with Triggers

Project Scenario's

Update Triggers




Recursive trigger

Trigger handlers

Trigger's on Parent Child object

Project Based Scenario's

Delete Triggers



Update Triggers


Trigger.New Map

Invoking batch Apex from Triggers

Invoking Schedule Apex from Triggers

Invoking Email's from Triggers

Invoking future Methods from Triggers

Invoking apex classes from Triggers

dataloader with Triggers

                        Test Classes

Schema Programming

  • Invoking List of object from Schema
  • Invoking List of field from a given object
  • Comparing the data type and fetching
  • Picklist fields from the object
  • Fetching PickList option from given Field


  • Standard Controller
  • Standard Set Controller
  • Overriding Staandard pages
  • Building Custom Functionalities On Standard Pages


  • Standard Controller
  • Standard Set Controller
  • Overriding Staandard pages
  • Building Custom Functionalities On Standard Pages

Custom Setting

  • list
  • Hierarchial

Apex based Sharing Rules

Apex based Approval Process

Working with Community users with Apex

Flows & Plugins

  • Flows
  • Plugins
  • Flows with Plugins
  • Updates in the new Release

Lightning Apps

  • Lighting Components
  • Scripting with Components
  • Helper
  • CSS with Lighting Components


Create VF Page

  • Using URL
  • Using Developer Console
  • Using Eclipse
  • Using Standard Navigation

Fectching Data from Different Sources

  • Static Data
  • Global Data or Global Objects
  • Apex Class Variables
  • URL Parameters

Page Block

  • Page Block Section
  • Page BlockSectionItem
  • PageBlockButtons

Input Commands

  • Input Text
  • Input Field
  • InputSecret
  •  InputTextArea
  • InputCheckBox
  • SelectOptions
  • SelectRadio
  • InputHidden
  • InputFile

OutPut Components

  • OutputText
  • OutputLabel
  • OutputField


  • Page Block Table
  • Data Table
  • Data List
  • Repeat

CSS in VF Page

  • Internal CSS
  • InLine CSS

External CSS using Static Resource

JavaScript in VF Page

  • Internal Java Script
  • External Java Script
  • Events and Validations
  • Invoice Pages

JQuery in VF Page

  • JQuery using Static Resource
  • JQuery using URL plugin
  • AutoComplete

Ajax in VF Page

  • Sforce Connection
  • SOQL using Ajax
  • DML using Ajax
  • Custom Functionalities on Standard Pages
  • Auto Lookup Functionalities using Ajax and JQuery.

Visual force Templates

Action Components

  • Action Support
  • Action Function
  • Action Status
  • Action Region
  • Action Pooling

Remote Method Invocations

Generate VF Page Content AS

  • PDF
  • Word Document
  • Excel