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Welcome To Mylasoft, How Can We Help you

Mylasoft is one of the Leading Software Training Providers offering Trainings in different IT and Business courses. Our main motive is to ensure Cost Effective Training comes with an array of benefits which can make your career best. The below given are all the major benefits which are easy to avail. It is not only about better services, even it is about progress in the better direction and taking the Profession to the next level. Our Expert Trainers provide you from basic level to Professional level training with proper understanding of each and every topic.

Regular Training

With Mylasoft, a business can get regular training which is also known as regular training. There is just the need for going to the training center and choose the course. This training will be taking 40 to 60 days per course, and the timing of a course is 1.5 to 2 hours on the daily basis which is enough to learn slow but perfectly. The daily learning is for people who want to join a company, and many companies prefer regular training for their new employees.

Weekend Training

The weekend training from Mylasoft for people who cant take daily classes and have issues. These batches are conducted on weekends for two days, Saturday and Sunday. However, these batches cover almost everything that you should be learning in a complete week or regular training. These batches timing is for 5 hours. The five will be covering the basics, and some of the advanced methods and these are preferred by employees who job on other days.

Fastrack Training

It is totally different and especially for people with less time, and these are for maximum duration. If you really want to learn everything rapidly and dont want to waste much time, then the fastback training is quite helpful. You can choose the 15 days period or more. Everything will be taught on the maximum duration possible and make you learn almost every important thing in such a time period.

Online Training

The last type of the training is online training and Mylasoft offer the good number of benefits by preferring it. By choosing the online classes, one can train sitting at home from the centers. The reason may be any that you cant come to the center but Mylasoft offers the solution to your need. There is just the need for an internet connection and a computer to begin with the course

Courses We Offer

We are Offering the Top Leading Courses in the IT and Business sector. These are all the types of training offered, and one can avail numerous numbers of benefits by these and be a proficient employee. Each course offered is easy to avail and chances are higher that you will get the better result in the career. You will have a better chance to meet Experts in the Real-Time environment.


Salesforce develops organizations quicker by better-associating deals deputies with their prospects and clients so they can settle negotiations speedier from anyplace whenever. As per clients, Salesforce is a standout tool among other CRM programming devices accessible today. Relatively every greater began managing salesforce cloud. Thus popular almost every business recruiting the Salesforce developers with higher salary packages.


Apart from Salesforce, Mylasoft is offering you AWS where the subscribers can easily get the virtual clusters. It just requires a persistent internet connection speed. Users can join AWS with a modern browser. Even the AWS versions offer you the real computers attribute, and it includes CPU as well as GPU also.


The culture of DevOps is the blend of Development and Operations in software engineering, and we offer you DevOps course. Our training is to unite the software developments as well as focusing on the software exploitation. We focus on the automation and the monitoring work which plays an important role in software construction.

Data Science

The concept for unifying statistics and data analysis concept is data science, and there are related many methods also in this course. There are techniques and theories from many fields, and we teach all the concepts. It concludes fields like mathematics, statistics, computer science and information science along with a particular sub-domain.

Robotic Process Automation

Mylasoft offers the RPA course which stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is the application of technology, and there are RPA tools used by a company to configure software. The RPA training will help employers to configure software easily, and it includes manipulation of data, trigger response and lot more.

Business Analyst

With the Mylasoft Business analyst training course, an employ can analyze the organization's activities as well as the progress. It goes same with the process of the system for business area and the documents. Almost every business needs to follow the business analyst course to get more profit, and it is the vital course to take.