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Salesforce DX Training Hyderabad

Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX Course Content:

Basic Introduction

  • What is DX ? Why we need DX ?
  • What is Salesforce CLI ?
  • CLI configuration
  • Create a DX account
  • DevHub and Scratch org


  • Differences between DevHub and Scratch org
  • Different Repositories to work with DX
  • Create a DX project (complete project development from scratch or from any existing sources)
  • Define a NameSpace to DX org
  • Authorizing the DevHub
  • Different ways to authorize the DevHub org and scratch orgs.
  • creating a connected App
  • Generate the Certificates
  • Logout of DevHub and Scratch orgs
  • Scratch org definition file
  • Create a Scratch org
  • Salesforce DX project structure and source file format
  • Push source to scratch org
  • Pull source from scratch org
  • Scratch org user creation
  • Manage Scratch orgs from DevHub
  • Development with DX -


  • Creating an Apex class, VF page, Apex Trigger
  • Creating a Lightning App and Lightning components
  • Apex testing and code coverage
  • Track changes between the Project and Scratch org
  • Apex Debug Logs and Apex Debugger

App Development

  • Build and release an App in DX
  • Package Types in DX:-
  • 1. First Generation Packages
  • 2. Unlocked Packages
  • 3. Second Generation Packages
  • Complete discussion and demonstration about the different packages with Example scenarios.
  • Continuous Integration with DX

Questions & Answers.

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