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Salesforce programming lightning components dev601 Training Hyderabad

Salesforce programming lightning components dev601

Salesforce – Lightning (Dev 601) Framework Concepts

We are offering training on Lightning 601 advanced concepts as an Instructor-led interactive session.

Introduction and Basic Lightning components

  • Introduction to Lightning.
  • Discussing current trending and existing frameworks.
  • Why Salesforce lightning framework?
  • Creating basic visual force page and converting this code to lightning component code.
  • Applying existing knowledge of visual force pages and creates new lightning components.
  • Discussing MVC and VCCD/VCCM architectures
  • Creating basic calculator to understand get, set and rendering model.

Lightning Components and Applications

  • Developing Apps: Using HTML5 and Lightning Components.
  • Getting Started with Lightning Development
  • Theming Components with CSS
  • How to Define and Manipulate Component Attributes
  • Handling System and User Events
  • How to Debug  and Troubleshoot  Your App
  • Working with Apex
  • Using Base Lightning Components

Raising and Handling Events

  • CRUD Operations using Lightning Data Services.

Documenting and Unit Testing Components

  • How to Document a Component
  • Apex Testing and Troubleshooting

Surfacing Lightning Components

  • Deep-Diving into Building Lightning Pages with Components and App Builder
  • Building Components for Lightning Experience Record Pages
  • Overriding Standard Actions with Lightning Components
  • Defining a Lightning Application
  • Using Lightning in Visualforce Pages with Lightning Out
  • Installing and Using Components from AppExchange
  • Packaging Components for Distribution

Navigation and Layouts:

  • About and using --- Lightning: Vertical Navigation.
  • Lightning: DataTable
  • Implementing Button Groups
  • How to Build Responsive Layouts
  • How to Implement  Accordion Layouts

Advanced Components building:

  • Accessing the Component Body
  • Defining Public Functions on Components
  • Implementing Toasts and Modal Notifications
  • Dynamically Instantiating and Destroying Component Instances
  • Localizing Content
  • Using Renderers
  • Writing Device-Specific Code

Create, Read, and Update Salesforce Records

  • Implementing Forms
  • Validating Input Data
  • View and Edit Salesforce Records
  • Waiting for Server Requests to Complete

Getting Ready for Production

  • Theming with Lightning Design Tokens
  • Improving the Performance of Data Requests

After completion of the course, you will be confident enough and comfortable in working with Lightning concepts in Salesforce.

The trainer is a real-time expert with sound knowledge of lighting concepts.

Guidance in Resume preparation will also be provided by the trainer.

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