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About Us


Mylasoft believes and strongly follows the objective of evolving as a global leader of offering solutions in the field of IT development and recruitment. Our approach drives towards ensuring cost effective software services for empowering the clients’ need on one side and deploying intelligent business terms by training the folks on the current trends, on the other side.

Thus, our prime motive is to train and transform the normal students into some of the most competent and expert software veterans by undergoing our completely modular and proficient course modules, created on the basis of new IT changes and their solution trends. For this we have deployed a huge team of professional and highly proficient real time experts and software veterans, who are going to guide you perfectly.

  • We Believe in Customer-Centric Service
  • Own an Expertise in the IT Sector
  • Training Services We Offer
  • Regular Training
  • Weekend Training
  • Fastrack Training
  • Online Training

Why Choose Us?

We always believed and followed the customer centric service approach. Our services are such that we comply with our element of customer centricity and maintaining their value proposition with our process-oriented approach as per the current trends.

As expert in what we offer, we have a full-fledged expertise in offering the best-suited solutions to any of the upcoming problems. Joining our IT courses is a way to let our veterans teach and preach the way to becoming an expert with us. Our clients are the next vital elements; we have an expertise in dealing with.

Training Services We Offer

Mylasoft management sources conduct various training services for our aspiring scholars. Our regular training sessions are conducted for a period of 30-60 days. The class duration remains of 1.5-2 hours each day.
We also offer special weekend training sessions, which is conducted for 3-5 weekends. These classes are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am-5 pm, and almost 5 hours on daily basis.
Apart from the regular training classes, we also offer fast track training sessions for working professionals with less time to attend the regular classes. It is conducted for 7-15 days, as per the student’s requirement.
We also offer online training sessions for those who cannot attend the regular classes such as- the working professionals. These classes are conducted either individually or on in a group basis. Here you get a chance to come across our IT veterans through certain online training applications.

Our Expertise

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Our Team

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